Production Process

Slab processing


Slicing... Blocks, obtained from the quarry are first sorted out and sliced into rough slabs of required thickness by various Gang Saw machines. Then these slabs undergo thorough inspection to remove cracks, patches, unusual coloring and major shade differences.

Polishing... Automatic polishing machines are employed for the purpose to guarantee uniform and high gloss polish(80 to 100+ on gloss meter). The polished slabs are then inspected and stacked according to final quality.

Packing... For local delivery, the slabs are stacked on trucks and released. However, strong seaworthy wooden caskets are employed for export purposes.

Tiles processing


Slicing... As per international standards, tiles come in sizes of 305 X 305mm, 300 X 300mm, 300 X 600mm, 400 X 400mm and 450 X 450mm. All other sizes are called "Cut to Size." Tiles are cut from smaller blocks called "Khandas" into strips of required thickness with tolerance for final finish. These are then inspected carefully for cracks and other defects and stacked.

Polishing... The sliced tiles are calibrated into the required thickness and passed on to the automatic polishing machines using water as lubricant. High gloss (80to 100+) is achieved and then these are passed on for inspection to eradicate patches, cracks and other abnormalities.

Calibration and Chamfering... The tiles are passed through the side calibrator to level the four sides and then taken to the chamfering point to chamfer the 4 edges of the polished face.

Packing... The tiles are sorted out into lots depending on their shade and pattern variations like 1st choice, 2nd choice, 1st commercial and commercial choices. The buyer is then allowed to inspect the products before final packing. Tiles for export are packed in styrofoam boxes. These are then put into strong and seaworthy wooden crates or in some cases, corrugated boxes and packed in containers with 7200 sqft capacity.

Quality Assurance

At Rajshree Stonez, we strive to maintain quality as per international standards. Materials are inspected at various levels of production by expert quality control inspectors to achieve the best results. A final check is also carried out before packing. Buyers also have the option of employing their own inspection agents to reconfirm the quality before packing.

Machinery Details

At Rajshree Stonez, we use state of the art machinery for delivering optimum quality products to our customers. Newer and advanced machines are also bought from time to time to compete with the everdeveloping market standards. Currently we use the following equipments at various production levels.


Slab plant

  • Normal Gang Saw
  • Jumbo m450 Gang Saw
  • Block Cutter NT 2/50
  • Line Polisher
  • Edge Cutter

Tiles Plant

  • 9 Head Auto Line Polishing
  • Calibration Machine
  • Edge Cutting Machines
  • Chamfering Machine

Vertical Cutting Machines (2.5' X 8' and 4' X 12')

  • Cutting Machines
  • Polishing Machines
  • Edge Cutting Machines

Monument Plant

  • Circular Block Sawing BS 270-300
  • Automatic Grinding & Polishing
  • Notching and Bucking Saw AKF 50
  • Automatic Edge Grinding and Polishing
  • Automatic Hydraulic Copy Milling KFW
  • Automatic Grinding & Polishing