Packaging and Delivery

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At Rajshree Stonez, we mainly use 20 foot containers, both open and close topped. The latter is loaded using C-clamps. Inside the containers, the granite can be stored in both A-frames or wooden crates. We use termite proof rubber wood, chemically treated for optimum results. The insides are given Styrofoam cushioning throughout to nullify any sort of movement. The corners and edges are provided with additional cushioning.

Major Indian Ports (Statewise)
State Port(s)
Gujrat Kandla, Mundra
Maharashtra Mumbai, JNPT
Goa Marmagao
Karnataka New Mangalore
Kerala Cochin
Tamil Nadu Tuticorin, Chennai
Andhra Pradesh Vizag
Orissa Paradip
West Bengal Kolkata, Haldia

To know the approximate rate applicable for your shipment, please email us your company details and requirements with pin code and also mention the port of delivery. For local delivery, the slabs are stacked on trucks and released. However, strong seaworthy wooden caskets are employed for export purposes. The types of containers available, their sizes and other details are provided below...

Container Details
Container Type Outside dimensions Inside dimensions Top opening Cubic capacity
20 ft 6.045 X 2.438 X 2.438 5.90 X 2.35 X 2.387 N/A 31 cu m
20 ft high cube 6.045 X 2.438 X 2.591 5.918 X 2.337 X 2.413 N/A 33 cu m
20 ft open top 6.045 X 2.438 X 2.438 5.918 X 2.337 X 2.286 L: 5.41m, W: 2.21m 32 cu m
Granite Capacity per Container
Size Quantity(sq ft) Details...20' container
1’ X 1’ X 10 mm 7200 Wrapped in thermocol and packed in wooden crates, 7200 pieces in each container
1’ X 1’ X 10 mm 8000 In corrugated boxes, without thermocol
2.5’ X 8’ X 20 mm 5400  
4’ X 12’ X 20 mm 3500  
5’ X 9’ X 20 mm 3200 70 Slabs
5’ X 9’ X 30 mm 2400 49 Slabs
2.5' X 20' X 11 mm 5500 275 slabs, each in bubble wrap, with thermocol strips between consecutive slabs. Contained in special wooden crates
Approximate weights
Size Approx. weight
1’ X 1’ X 10 mm 2.50 Kg
1’ X 1’ X 20 mm 5.00 Kg
1’ X 1’ X 30 mm 7.50 Kg